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Both Armenians and Jews have been the victims of premeditated mass murder, while the Israeli government must put justice before political expediency and call the crime by its name, said famous Israeli journalist Yossi Melman.

According to him, the government of Israel should put justice above political expediency and call things by its name, Foreign Policy reported.

“Despite the shared experience of genocide, Israel and Armenia are worlds apart today.

Israel has consistently refused to acknowledge that what happened to the Armenian people was a genocide. This decision doesn’t derive so much from a desire to monopolize victimhood and portray the Holocaust as a unique and unparalleled historical event. It is primarily a cynical political ploy,” he said.

According to him, regardless of their ideology and political orientation, consecutive Israeli governments, knowing that any change of heart and policy would anger Turkey and jeopardize arms sales, placed economic interests before universal values. They agreed to define the genocide only as a “tragedy.”

“In return, Azerbaijan sells oil to Israel and allows Israeli intelligence agencies to use its soil as a launching pad for operations against Iran. Now, Netanyahu, who was re-elected this month for his fifth term as prime minister, fears that acknowledging the Armenian genocide would cause Israel to lose the revenues from the Azerbaijani market and that Aliyev, who is also a good friend of Erdogan’s, might put an end to the Israeli intelligence presence in his country,” the author noted.

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