July 12
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On May 4, Ayb School hosted the Curriculum Vitae Forum 2019 (“Global Management Trends and Challenges’), which featured speeches by the top local and international experts in communication, leadership and management and professors of the University of Sheffield.

The forum is held at the initiative of Fnet and under the sponsorship of the Department of International Relations at the University of Sheffield and has gathered representatives of PR and marketing communication, telecommunication and IT sectors, startups, business consultants, students of the relevant faculties of universities and mass media representatives

Presenting the goals of the forum, co-founder and general manager of Fnet Gevorg Yengibaryan said the following: “As one of the telecommunication companies in Armenia, we established the Curriculum Vitae Forum, the goals of which are to present the processes and achievements in the spheres of business and management, identify the problems and development trends and strengthen the cooperation between the top specialists and experts in Armenia and abroad.”

Director of the MBA Department of the University of Sheffield and senior lecturer Lesley Thomas Szamosi stated that Armenia is in a new stage of development and, from this perspective, it is important for the public and private sectors to quickly become integrated to the global trends, understanding the essence of corporate and individual resistance to changes.

“The future is now, and changes start with the individual. Fortunately, the new generation is more enterprising, and I’m certain that the economy, tourism, education, telecommunication and other major sectors of the country will grow rapidly,” Lesley Thomas Szamosi said in her speech.

“Everything is changing rapidly in a digitizing world, and this is a challenge for specialists. Today, more than ever, they have to be flexible and be able to respond and find solutions immediately. This is exactly how we build our CVs. Each of has experience and ideas that are perfected and change over time,” the forum’s speaker, co-founder of SPRING PR Tatevik Simonyan said in her speech.

The features of applying gamification for EQ management and the involvement of employees and clients, the modern trends in human resource management, the issues of innovation in education and solutions and the opportunities for increasing sales through the application of behavioral tools in marketing were discussed during the forum.

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