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US President Donald Trump tweeted and advised the Chinese authorities to conclude a trade deal, not waiting for the 2020 elections..

According to Trump, the Chinese authorities feel that they lost at the last talks, so they hope to wait for the US presidential elections in 2020 and continue to “rip-off” America by $ 500 billion a year in the event of the victory of the Democratic candidate.

On Saturday Trump decided to increase tariffs on goods from China by 300 billion dollars.

On May 9, the US President accused China of disrupting the deal.

“By the way, you see the tariffs we’re doing? … Because they broke the deal. They broke the deal. So they’re flying in, the vice premier tomorrow’s flying in – good man – but they broke the deal. They can’t do that, so they’ll be paying,” he said.

The trade war between the two countries began in January 2018 with the introduction of Washington duties on washing machines and panels for solar panels. In December 2018, the parties agreed not to introduce new duties until March.

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