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The trial turned out to be an extremely unfair trial because the trial began and ended with the prosecutors’ remarks, and the first and last remarks are what usually leave an impression on listeners. This is what Hayk Alumyan, one of the attorneys of second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, told journalists today.

“The judge did everything it could to create the impression that the attorneys’ arguments were destroyed. In reality, there was no serious counterargument to our arguments. The court simply created an impression. This case is based on impressions, particularly the public’s impressions,” he stated.

Today the Yerevan court of general jurisdiction was examining the preventive measure for second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, and the decision will be announced on May 18. Robert Kocharyan is charged with overthrow of constitutional order of the Republic of Armenia and for using his official position and receiving a bribe in particularly large amounts to perform actions favoring the only participant and director of TSSC Armenia LLC Silva Hambardzumyan. However, Kocharyan’s attorneys claim that the charge is groundless and that this is political persecution through a phony case.

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