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YEREVAN. – Hayk Alumyan, one of the legal defenders of Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan, called on the relevant authorities not to allow the rally noted to be held Saturday outside a capital city Yerevan court. Alumyan stated this at a press conference on the same day.

He cited the Facebook post by Hayk Sargsyan,  an MP from the ruling majority My Step faction, and in which it is written as follows: “There is information that Robert Kocharyan’s judge is being subjected to pressure and today he wants to commute his pretrial measure [of custody].

“One cannot allow to release a person who has seized the city of Yerevan with tanks, taken the lives of 10 people, crippled the fates of thousands of people, by the guarantees of 2 presidents of Karabakh and under the pressure of the ‘Freedom to the Hero’ actions by 20-30 supporters at the courtyard of the court.

“Only a large crowd of people, their rising fury, and the inevitability of punishment will compel the judge to make a fair decision.

“Today at 13:00 [1pm] all of us [let’s go] to the court of Nor Nork.”

Hayk Alumyan noted that this post, first of all, grossly violates the presumption of Robert Kocharyan’s innocence.

“Second, even the SIS [Special Investigation Service] doesn’t attribute to Kocharyan the taking the life of 10 people—of even one person,” he added, in particular. “Being an MP of the ruling party faction, Mr. Sargsyan is making such calls and statements. What is this, if not the most brutal, direct pressure on the court. After this, should they say to us that the pressure on the courts are now ruled out in Armenia? That thesis is a fairy tale; the pressure on the courts in Armenia has risen in the past one year.”

Also, Hayk Alumyan made an appeal:

“I call on the President of the Republic of Armenia: Honorable Mr. [Armen] Sarkissian, I call on [to you] to fulfill the duty placed upon you under the Constitution; that is, to ensure the constitutional order. And what Hayk Sargsyan has posted on his Facebook page, and which is being disseminated on the page of their supporters, is nothing more than a direct call for overthrowing the constitutional order; that is, exerting pressure on the judge by assembled people [so] that the judge continues to keep Mr. Kocharyan in custody

“Second, I appeal to the law enforcement system. Dear Mr. prosecutor, I call on you to accept this statement as a crime report and to file a criminal case on the fact that some person is attempting to exert pressure on the court, in order to get the judicial act he desires.

“I call on the Chief of Police of the Republic of Armenia and the Police of Armenia to take immediate action so that this assembly does not take place because the objective of this assembly is not peaceful. Pressure on the judge has been announced as the objective of this assembly, which has no right to take place.

“I am not calling for ensuring the security of anyone, the public order there. In this case, I call on to do everything that this assembly does not take place.

“I call on the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. Honorable Mr. Prime Minister, we all know that these people will not make any such statement if not for your approval to it. Honorable Mr. Prime Minister, I call on to you not to let, even at the last moment to prevent these developments. Don’t allow your supporters to carry out—in fact, also on your behalf, at least with your permission—what Hayk Sargsyan has noted in his call.

“I call on the SJC [Supreme Judicial Council] and its chairman Gagik Harutyunyan. Dear Mr. Harutyunyan, at least once carry out, ultimately, the obligation that is put upon the SJC. (…) for the first time support the independence of the judiciary [in Armenia].

“I call on all human rights advocates. Raise your voice for the independence of the judiciary [in Armenia].

“There should be no manifestation of exerting of pressure on the judiciary by the crowd.

“I call on all international missions that are working in the Republic of Armenia. Follow these developments very closely. Do everything within your power to make the Republic of Armenia authorities reach the impermissibility of such manifestations.”

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