October 21
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Foreign leaders want US presidential elections next year to be won by the country's former vice president, Democrat Joseph Biden, the US President Donald Trump said.

"He announced he’s running for president and he said it’s because foreign leaders called him up and begged him to do it," Trump said. "Absolutely. Foreign countries liked it much better. That’s what they want. They want Biden so that China can continue to make 500 billion a year and more, ripping off the Untied States,” The Hill reported quoting Trump.

During the speech, Trump also jokingly suggested to spend five terms as the US president.

The start of the US election campaign is scheduled for February 2020. On February 3, in Iowa, a meeting of party activists will be held, at which they will elect delegates, first to the local party conferences of the Democratic Party, then to the state conference and the national congress. On February 11, in the state of New Hampshire, the first primary elections in the country will take place, which differ from election meetings in that they elect delegates to the national convention on July 13-16, 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the name Trump's rival in the fight for the presidency. Another difference in the meetings of party activists from the primary elections is that the former are organized by the local branches of the parties, and the latter by the election commissions of the individual states.

Republicans will hold their election congress from August 24 to August 27, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 59th US presidential election will be held November 3, 2020.

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