September 22
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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met today with the Ambassadors of foreign states and organizations accredited to the Republic of Armenia, reports the news service of the Staff of the Prime Minister of Armenia.

The head of government greeted the Ambassadors and said that he believes now is an opportune time to share impressions about the results, problems and challenges a year after the formation of the cabinet.

Giving his evaluation of the activities carried out over the past year, Nikol Pashinyan first touched upon the economic issues, the solutions provided to them and the results that have been recorded. He set aside the maintenance of macroeconomic stability and said the government succeeded in recording a 7.1% growth of GDP.

He also set aside the reduction of shadow economy as one of the interesting trends in the economy. In essence, over the past year, Armenia has created 51,000 new jobs that employers have declared to tax authorities, which have set tax obligations for them.

The next indicator that he mentioned was overperformance of the revenue section of the State Budget. The government has already declared that it will overperform this year’s State Budget by at least AMD 62 billion, which is approximately USD 130 million.

The next indicator concerns the trade sector. Throughout the past year, Armenia has printed nearly 84 million more cash register coupons than the year before that.

According to the Prime Minister, the biggest challenge facing the economy today are, of course, foreign investments. The government is doing everything it can to make Armenia more attractive for foreign investments, but it is also convinced and aware that it can’t fully solve this problem without an independent judiciary because all investors want security of their investments and obtained properties.

As far as achievements in the political field are concerned, the Prime Minister set aside 2 major outcomes, including the conduct of free, fair, democratic and transparent snap parliamentary elections and the fact that the government can and will step down from power through free and fair elections.

The Prime Minister said the government also succeeded in ensuring stability in the political arena, adding that Armenia has normal relations with the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Economic Union and the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Armenia has also succeeded in enhancing its relations with the European Union and is in the stage of finalizing the roadmap for implementation of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.

The Prime Minister said Armenia has managed to maintain and enhance the good atmosphere with its direct and neighboring countries, including Iran and Georgia. The country is also working well with the People’s Republic of China. Over the past year, Armenia hosted the Francophonie Summit, which was a success for the Republic of Armenia and the government.

Throughout the past year, the Prime Minister paid an official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, a working visit to France and visited the Council of Europe. Armenia is also enhancing normal relations with the United States. The Prime Minister mentioned that Armenia recently launched strategic dialogue with the US and hopes and is certain that the results will be positive. Armenia is also actively working with the United Arab Emirates, India and European countries.

Prime Minister Pashinyan also touched upon the situation connected with the judiciary and talked about the need for reforms and the importance of cooperation with international partners in this process. He also said Armenia hopes to work closely with its international partners to have a truly independent judiciary in Armenia.

Later, the Prime Minister of Armenia answered questions from the Ambassadors of foreign states accredited to Armenia that were related to the implementation of reforms in the judiciary, transitional justice, the actions to be taken, the changes in the structure of the government, reforms in the public administration system and more.

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