October 14
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The process of vetting everywhere is a very sensitive process that needs to be approached extremely carefully. This is what EU Ambassador Piotr Switalski told journalists during a wrap-up of the events dedicated to Europe Day today.

“The process of vetting everywhere is a very sensitive process. Basically, it is a phenomenon that needs to be approached extremely carefully due to certain reasons that are so clear that it seems as though there is no need to talk about them,” the EU Ambassador noted.

Switalski highlighted the fact that the EU isn’t participating in the discussions in Armenia on how to implement judicial and legal reforms. “We are simply saying what is enshrined in our statement. We’re ready to share the experience other countries. I cite once again the Minister of Justice who talked about the Albanian model. We can share our experience because the EU is deeply engaged in the process of reforms in Albania.”

According to the EU Ambassador, Armenia has to determine the model for reforms that it prefers.

“As an expert, I can say that there are different models and both positive and negative experiences. I believe if we take a look at the Albanian experience, it is viewed as positive. Of course, the procedure is rather intricate from the legal and constitutional perspectives and is costly and time-consuming. Consequently, the Armenian government and parliament need to sit together and understand which model is the best one for Armenia. There will be experts, including experts from the Council of Europe who will give you advice, but Armenia has to do it by itself,” Piotr Switalski concluded.

The final events dedicated to Europe Day are taking place at Northern Avenue at the initiative of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia today.

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