June 24
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What is happening in Armenia is a huge debate between madness and realism. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Monday stated this at the investment forum in Syunik Province.

“Our political task is to turn Armenia into a country of people who believe in their strength and believe that they can implement their ideas,” he noted.

Pashinyan stressed that economic development in Armenia should be based on individual effort.

“It doesn’t matter what level of individual effort it is because what we have, I will not tire to say, we first have as an idea,” he added, in particular.

In the PM’s conviction, it is important that people dream and fulfill their dreams.

“Our greatest task is to endow as many people in the Republic of Armenia as possible with the courage to create and dream and to fulfill that dream,” he said. “Economic development first and foremost relies on individuals.”

Pashinyan highlighted that there are talented people in Armenia and large investors seek such people.

“The entry of major investors and large corporations to the Republic of Armenia is of course very important,” he said. “But I want to say that, in my deepest conviction and analysis, those major investors go after talented people. Our task is to show that talented people live in the Republic of Armenia [and] who not only can fulfill their dreams, but also create a climate for the fulfillment of others’ dreams.”

“Talented people live in Armenia, but many of them perhaps may not know about it, and our task is that they see, believe, and triumph.”

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