July 07
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YEREVAN. – Armenia and Russia are really very much connected, and not only historically, but also culturally, spiritually, economically, we have very strong, reliable ties in the field of security, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin told Armenian

“In my opinion, this is my conviction, ties between our countries are very strong. We need each other. Russia needs Armenia, Armenia needs Russia,” the diplomat said.

According to the ambassador, this presents a solid foundation for relations between the two countries, “and the leadership of both countries, and at the current stage, proceeds from the fact that we are strategically close, strategically we need each other.”

“Our cooperation, our friendship, our alliance is in the strategic interests of Russia and Armenia. This pivot determines the approach of the leadership of both countries. Naturally, life is complicated, the world is changing dynamically, our relations are very diverse, some practical issues that need to be addressed may rise. But this is life, it is inevitable. And most importantly, on both sides there is an understanding that we are true allies, we are fraternal countries, fraternal peoples. And I am convinced that this will define the prospects of our relations,” the Russian ambassador emphasized.

The Ambassador did not agree with the opinion that the potential of relations between Armenia and Russia was not fulfilled. According to him, there are simply areas that can be used more actively.

“It is about all areas, including the area of culture, science, education, the exchanges between people, tourism and new technologies. I think that these are areas that we will focus on,” the diplomat said.

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