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Attorney of second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, lawyer Hayk Alumyan is asking the court to oblige Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to publicly apologize for his statements about Kocharyan. This is what Alumyan declared during the trial over the case of Kocharyan vs Pashinyan today.

The plaintiff views the following statement that Pashinyan made in France after the first release of Robert Kocharyan: “Or even the commentary on the release of Robert Kocharyan. He says he has immunity. What does immunity mean? In other words, can one organize murder and say he has immunity? Is this stated anywhere?”

Judge Lilit Sargsyan noted that the plaintiff has filed a claim only in regard to slander and asked the plaintiff to specify if he views Pashinyan’s statements as offense as well.

Alumyan declared that Pashinyan’s statements also contain offense, after which the judge noted that the plaintiff must file a motion in writing in regard to change of the subject of claim. Afterwards, Hayk Alumyan asked the judge for time to file the motion regarding the subject of claim and declared that if the defendant’s attorney declares that Pashinyan hadn’t referred to Robert Kocharyan, he and his client would refuse the claim.

Gyozalyan, Pashinyan’s attorney, declared that he is authorized to say that his client’s statements didn’t concern Robert Kocharyan. And so, Alumyan declared that he will refuse the claim. The judge postponed the trial for one day to give the plaintiff time to file a motion in writing in regard to that.

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