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Huawei has postponed the planned launch of the new version of Matebook amid trade wars with U.S.

Leadership of the company planned to present the laptop at CES Asia 2019 exhibition in Shanghai this week. The company explained that the decision to postpone the launch for an indefinite period is linked to the American sanctions.

The United States have included Huawei in the blacklist, which deprives the Chinese company of access to the components and technologies of American companies. A number of major American IT companies have already announced that they are ceasing cooperation with Huawei.

Matebook notebooks used Intel-made processors and the Windows operating system. The new Matebook was the first product of a Chinese company that was unable to enter the market due to sanctions.

Huawei described the actions of the American authorities called as a dangerous precedent. The company's management explained that the use of state power to suppress Huawei means that this could happen to any other company.

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