November 27
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“It is a great joy and honor for me to be in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic). The people of Artsakh are a wonderful nation.” This is what Baroness Caroline Cox told Artsakhpress, stressing the fact that she is certain that Artsakh will be internationally recognized someday.

Cox said she was in Artsakh during the most difficult years when Stepanakert was being bombarded. “During every visit to Stepanakert after the war, I notice that the city is becoming more and more beautiful every year, and I see progress in various sectors. We have witnessed all the suffering that the people of Artsakh have undergone due to Azerbajian’s policy,” she said.

Talking about the purpose of her visit to Artsakh, Cox said she is in Artsakh for citizen advocacy and support for citizens.

“In terms of citizen advocacy, our goal is to raise global awareness about what is going on in Artsakh and Azerbaijan’s policy, especially in terms of disseminating Armenophobia in schools. As far as support for citizens is concerned, we had the honor of visiting the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Center in Stepanakert. We are very satisfied with the efforts of the Center’s director Vardan Tadevosyan, who has transformed the old structure into an internationally recognized rehabilitation center where disabled persons can undergo treatment,” Caroline Cox said.

According to Cox, during the meeting, the President of the Republic of Artsakh told her and the staff that Artsakh recently hosted the CONIFA European Football Cup 2019. Cox added that this serves as a good opportunity for many people around the world to visit Artsakh and get to know the country up close.

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