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YEREVAN. – A delegation from the World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games has carried out the ceremony of the lighting of the torch of the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games, and the torch has started its journey to Stepanakert, the capital city of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Armenian has learned this from the press service of the aforesaid committee.

The Armenian delegation arrived in Van, Turkey, on board a direct flight from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

During her meeting with the visiting Armenian delegation, Mayor of Van Bedia Ertan noted that the Pan-Armenian Games can contribute to the development of sporting, tourism, and cultural ties. In response, World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games Chairman Ishkhan Zakaryan informed that the committee was considering holding the next Pan-Armenian Games jointly in Van and Yerevan.

At the talk with Mayor Ayhan Bilgen of Kars, Turkey, Zakaryan put forward the idea of holding events both in Kars and in Gyumri, Armenia, with the program of the Pan-Armenian Games.

Receiving the visiting Armenian delegation, Mayor of Iğdır, Turkey, Yasar Akkuş expressed a wish for the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border, and the establishing of good-neighborly relations through such sporting events.

Under the national flags of Armenia and Artsakh, the torch of the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games was lit at the foot of Musa Dagh in Turkey. Subsequently, the torch reached the peak of this mountain—the site of the heroic battle of Musa Dagh, where the local Armenians waged a 40-day-long resistance against the Ottoman troops in 1915, during World War I, and at the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian delegation was received also by Mayor Feyat Asya of Muş, Turkey.

The mayors of Van, Muş, Iğdır, and Kars accepted Ishkhan Zakaryan’s invitation to participate in 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games.

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