July 12
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The main idea of the Civil Contract Party is the impact of an individual on the reality. This is what board member of the political party, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said during the 5th Congress of the Civil Contract Party.

“The first main idea is the impact of an individual on the reality and the relationship between the behavior of the individual and the behavior of the community. This was the formula that became a cornerstone and led to the revolution in Armenia,” Pashinyan said.

According to him, for years, he had noticed an interesting phenomenon in Armenia — negatively perceived figures would immediately “get indulgence” when they became members of the opposition.

“For many years, negatively perceived government officials in Armenia would always be in the focus of the press and the public and were sometimes hated, but would get indulgence after becoming members of the opposition. Those who were guilty and were hated by the press would become innocent and beloved a couple of months later,” Pashinyan said.

Touching upon his political party’s ideology, Pashinyan stated the following: “In the political sense, our political party is not liberal, centrist or social-democrat. Our party is a civil party. This means that we don’t have ideological standards and are forming a new ideology that is based on four major pillars, including statehood, citizenry, national identity and individuality. Our political party is misunderstood. We are often referred to as liberals or centrists, but this is a misunderstanding. We are a political party that has rejected –isms since there are no more rigid ideologies in the modern world,” the Prime Minister said.

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