July 12
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We have promised that we won’t leave the people alone, won’t let them be defeated, won’t disappoint them and will achieve victory, if there is a need to come out to the streets to fight. This is what member of the Civil Contract Party, deputy of the National Assembly Sasun Mikayelyan said during the political party’s congress today.

“Although our political party didn’t manage to convince the people to fight the temptation of taking electoral bribes during the 2017 parliamentary elections held through the use of electoral bribes and administrative resources, we managed to have at least a small presence in parliament, and this became of pivotal significance for the future processes,” he said.

Mikayelyan said the former authorities thought they had finally managed to eliminate the factor of the people in Armenia, but they were wrong.

“By holding the elections the way they wanted to hold them, the former authorities thought they had managed to eliminate the people factor in the political elections taking place in Armenia. This cynicism was the last slap to the face of the people. The people were ready to fight and exercise their constitutional rights and needed to see a party that would lead the people’s struggle. Our political party managed to lead the people and made a non-violent, velvet revolution, and in this struggle, member of the board of the Civil Contract Party and current Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan played a huge role and managed to ensure victory with his precise actions,” he said.

Sasun Mikayelyan stated that their party managed to hold free and fair parliamentary elections and gained the majority in parliament.

In closing, Mikayelyan made a statement in which he warned the former authorities. “The Armenian people are wise and have a good memory and will never allow seizure of power. We remind and warn the former authorities once again that the crimes of October 27, 1999 and March 1, 2008 were committed during their term of office, and now they want to come back to power. The only purpose of their revival will be to eliminate their own people, and their working style can lead to conflicts. However, we laid the foundation for democracy in Armenia and won’t let you do that," he concluded.

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