October 21
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When I was a soldier, I was ordered to be an assistant to a prosecutor, and I served as an assistant to the prosecutor. This is what candidate for judge of the Constitutional Court of Armenia Vahe Grigoryan said during a discussion on the election of the candidate for judge of the Constitutional Court in parliament today, responding to a question from deputy of the Bright Armenia faction Gevorg Gorgisyan.

Gorgisyan wanted to know how was it that he was serving in the army and working at the Prosecutor General’s Office at the same time and whether being on the promotion list of prosecutors for a short period of time has anything to do with patronage or not. He also noted that Misha Grigoryan was the name and last name stated above Vahe Grigoryan’s name on the list and asked if Misha is Vahe’s father.

“I have served as a soldier. I was ordered to be an assistant to the prosecutor, and I served as the assistant. When I graduated from Yerevan State University in 1997, I was the first from our department to be drafted. Seven of my classmates and I were sent to Nagorno-Karabakh for military service. After a long service, by Samvel Babayan’s order, those who were privates and had higher education in the field of law were appointed to high positions of the Prosecutor General’s Office, without asking our opinion. It was our military duty.”

Touching upon the second question, Grigoryan said his father has nothing to do with the list that Gorgisyan mentioned and noted that he has achieved success in his professional career on his own.

“Misha Grigoryan has nothing to do with me, and I don’t know what list you are talking about. I am not and have never been on any promotion list of prosecutors and have never wanted to work in the law-enforcement system.”

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