July 20
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The resolution of the Karabakh issue is closely linked to the solution to the refugee issue. This is what President of the Assembly of Azerbaijani-Armenians Grigori Ayvazyan said during a press conference today.

According to the analyst, in the development of a concept paper on the resolution of the Karabakh issue, the refugee issue needs to become an integral part of the Karabakh issue. “Unlike the Azerbaijanis, who are actively leading a policy on engaging the representatives of the so-called “Azerbaijani refugees” of Karabakh in the negotiations, including through the OSCE, the Armenian party isn’t raising this issue in any way. However, it is clear that the Armenian party is the first party that has to raise the refugee issue. It is necessary to show the international community that it was the ethnic repression and the strive for defense that led to the emergence of the need to start the self-defense of Karabakh, and this will help legitimize the aspiration of the Armenians of Karabakh to live beyond the borders of Azerbaijan,” he explained.

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