October 23
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The Iranian President described the suspending of some commitments according to Paragraphs 26 and 36 of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as the least Tehran could do in response to some parties’ failure to uphold the main spirit of the JCPOA, reports Mehr.

President Hassan Rouhani said “the United States’ actions against the Iranian nation is not merely imposition of sanctions, but it is economic terrorism and crime against humanity.”

“In their important meetings with world leaders, the Americans have admitted defeat and that they have chosen the wrong path,” said the President. He continued “even the President of the United States has told a world leader that it is Bolton who is doing all these and we thought that if we put pressure on Iran, we can bring it to its knees, but now he has understood that he was wrong.”

Stating that the US is after Iran’s isolation and promoting Iranophobia, he said, “Despite the United States’ attempts not to pay the price of violating its commitments, they are paying a very high price today, and there are only a couple of small countries that approve of them." “The entire world believes that Iran had exercised strategic patience and logic, and its moves have been based on international regulations,” said the President.

“Iran has fully lived up to its commitments. The IAEA monitors our activities and we are working based on the IAEA safeguards and the Additional Protocol,” said Rouhani. He continued “despite what some countries say, what we are doing is the least we could do. The other side has not only violated its commitments, but also reduced it, and the main spirit of the JCPOA, which is openings in economic and trade relations, is under question with the other side’s actions.”

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