October 23
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Newly elected member of the Constitutional Court of Armenia Vahe Grigoryan has declared that he is preparing to assume the office of President of the Constitutional Court, but this doesn’t derive from the constitutional order. This is what expert of constitutions Aram Vardevanyan told Armenian

“This is a statement that is in no way linked to the Constitution. The Constitution regulates the peculiarities of the term of office of members and judges of the Constitutional Court with very clear transitional provisions, envisaging that members continue to serve until the end of their duties, and the duties are the same for judges of the Constitutional Court, that is, to ensure supremacy of the Constitution and implement constitutional justice,” he stated.

Aram Vardevanyan says Vahe Grigoryan declaring himself as President of the Constitutional Court is dangerous. “The duties of President of the Constitutional Court can’t be assumed through self-declaration. There has not been and there can’t be any precedent by law and the Constitution and from the perspective of international experience. After all, Armenia is a member state of the Council of Europe, and offices can’t be assumed through self-declaration, especially when we’re talking about an authority that must ensure supremacy of the Constitution.”

Today in parliament, Vahe Grigoryan declared that he enters the Constitutional Court as the only judge of the Constitutional Court because the other judge is currently absent and he will assume responsibility for performance of the powers and duties of President of the Constitutional Court.

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