July 12
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Today marked the official opening of the Armenia Engineering Week week-long events and featured a speech by Minister of High Technological Industry of Armenia Hakob Arshakyan.

On behalf of the Government of Armenia, the minister greeted the participants, touched upon the government’s priorities in the field of technology and presented the vision for turning Armenia into a high technological industry.

“Turning Armenia into a country that products and exports high technologies is the key objective of the Armenian government, and this is why the Ministry of High Technological Industry was established as a result of the changes in the new cabinet,” the minister said.

Hakob Arshakyan stated that, by promoting innovations, Armenia will also promote the application of those innovations in other various and multilayered spheres, starting from the defense sector and ending with the digitization of public administration.

Touching upon the development of the eco-system, the minister noted that Armenia has done a lot in this field in the past and that the future actions will be the logical continuity of all that has been done.

“Armenia has to present itself as a center for the ecosystem in the region. Armenian startups have a great presence in Silicon Valley and manage to establish ties and enter markets very easily and quickly because there is an Armenian diaspora in Silicon Valley, just like in other parts of the world, and we need to take advantage of those ties within large companies and in ecosystems,” he stated.

Arshakyan also introduced the attendees to the Armenian Virtual Bridge Program, which will provide any company in Armenia with the opportunity to have direct contact with the ecosystem components of the global market and the world with the help of the Armenian Virtual Bridge Project.

Ending his speech, Minister Hakob Arshakyan called on the attendees from different parts of the world to use Armenian talents and the great potential of Armenian companies that is being used around the world and enhance Armenia’s ecosystem.

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