October 24
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There are serious dangers in the Karabakh issue , Armenian second president Robert Kocharyan said in an interview with Armenian 5 TV Channel.

"I have been involved in negotiations since 1992. How can one negotiate, without understanding what one is negotiating for. We have been always highlighting the independence of Karabakh,” he said. “The first president never intervened in the internal affairs of Karabakh, I was Karabakh President and never allowed to interfere in Karabakh affairs and even being an Armenia President,  I have never interfered in the internal affairs of Karabakh, I am sure Armenia third President Serzh Sargsyan did not interfere too. The interference would mean that we are lowering the status of Karabakh and show the dependence of Karabakh on Armenia.”

Touching upon his trial, Kocharyan spoke about the mediation of acting and former Presidents of Artsakh.

“This case is not considered to be a political one, if so, how can that mediation be considered intervention in the domestic political issues? It's just absurd…The president of Karabakh has submitted his personal petition, he has not filed a petition from the president's office and has personally visited the court, paying 500,000 drams from his own funds,” he said. “Karabakh is a serious component of Armenia's security, without which Armenia will weaken.”

"Armenia is a serious player in the region with Karabakh… Karabakh is not a burden but a value,” he said. “Karabakh should remain in the kind that exists. It is necessary for Karabakh to stay firm and not allow Armenia to break, humiliate or diminish it.”

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