October 20
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President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian, who is on a working visit to the Swiss Confederation, gave an interview to Monocle international magazine and radio as part of the STARMUS Festival.

Talking about the STARMUS Festival, President Sarkissian said it is a very successful festival that presents the values of the 21st century, adding that he has touched upon those values in his book “Quantum Behavior of Global Risks”, which will be released soon. Sarkissian particularly stated that people are interconnected, and an interconnected world has become a major part of modern life.

When asked how he can apply the elements of experience gained during a previous job in the current political office, President Sarkissian stated that it doesn’t mirror his real life. “The real life proves my theory that we can explain many things in our life by understanding the behavior of the elemental, interconnected particles,” the head of state said. He particularly brought up the example of STARMUS and remembered how the festival’s founder Garik Israelyan had told him he couldn’t imagine how the festival would turn out when he was creating it. Sarkissian noted that the participants of the festival are serious people, including 10-20 Nobel Prize winners who neve waste time and have dedicated their lives to mathematics, theoretical physics, gravitation, astrophysics, astrology, biology, chemistry, etc.

According to the President, in our days, programming is a very attractive profession. “However, the future is not programming. The future is mathematical modeling of complex systems, artificial intelligence and management of big data,” the President of Armenia said.

Can space projects still have the same impact that Soviet projects had on children of the former USSR? Touching upon the journalist’s question, President Sarkissian particularly said children or the public can also be inspired by other things. “We are recording wonderful results in the healthcare sector that we couldn’t even dream about 30 years ago. This progress will become much more phenomenal when we apply artificial intelligence that will help us have a better understanding of DNA and its behavior, our own universe within us and in our brains. There are great discoveries in biology and artificial intelligence that will inspire children. This also inspires me. I truly believe that man lives as long as he makes discoveries, learns and creates.”

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