July 05
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David Grigoryan, 48, who was injured on a bloody night on June 20, was in a coma until yesterday, and his state of health is grave. For three days the family had been searching for him in vain. The doctor finally called Grigoryans family and said that David Grigoryan is in a regional hospital in a state of coma, Georgia-online reported.

A bullet hit David Grigoryan in the head, broke through the skull and damaged his brain. Bone fragments scattered in the brain area, which further aggravated the situation. The family was reported about the wounded patient only after Grigoryan was operated on and transported from the Aladashvili clinic to a regional hospital.

Rustavi 2 TV company found out that the person who forbade talking to family members about Grigoryan’s grave condition was Alexander Sikmashvili, the current police officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who is their neighbor.

Members of his family confirmed that the authorities had a special interest in the seriously injured patient, and the brother of the Georgian Parliament speaker Archil Talakvadze personally controlled who was visiting the patient and for what purpose.

The exact diagnosis of Grigoryan has not been known yet.

The clinic, where David Grigoryan was hospitalized hides all the information. The administration of the clinic confirms only that the injured man is still in the same condition as it was nine days ago, and so far the treatment has failed.

The Armenian embassy became interested in David Grigoryan’s health condition, however, there was no information about him.

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