September 24
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A concert of “A'Studio”, a famous Russian pop band, took place in Dvin Music Hall in Yerevan. This is the first concert, tickets for which could be purchased using ALL.ME (MЕ) Token- digital currency of network. digital network was the information sponsor of the event. According to Artur Vardanov, the head of Armenian office, the sale of tickets with the help of ME stirred interest.

“We already have a chance to sell goods using ME tokens, and many are interested in buying tickets this way. We decided to offer a 10% discount in case of buying tickets using ME, and I can say that most of the expensive tickets were sold that way,” Vardanov told

Vardanov assured that such actions will continue, as any goods, not the tickets only, can be purchased using ME digital instrument.

“With the help of our application, the purchase of any goods, in this case tickets, is a matter of seconds. I am happy to say that our marketplace – meMarket – has been operating for a month, and many people are successfully selling their products on our site. We are sure that using ME as a digital asset will be spread in Armenia and around the world,” he added.

The head of the Armenian office stressed that the liquidity of such a digital asset is increasing, and there is no longer any need to convert digital currency into fiat money in order to purchase a particular product.

The price of digital network’s internal currency ALL.ME (ME) Token has increased by 1,375% in four months. Thus, ME Token, which was listed on the CoinAll crypto exchange on February 11 this year, now is traded for almost $0.20. is a digital network that consists of a social network (meNetwork), marketplace (meMarket), and payment service (mePay). The unique business model allows its users to communicate with each other, to surf interesting content and get rewarded in ME ( digital currency). The platform shares up to 50 percent of the advertising revenue with users.  

ME is also applicable outside Firstly, the token can already be exchanged for BTC or USDT. Secondly, the token has very high liquidity, which is an important factor for both active buyers and ordinary holders.

With the launch of meMarket, users are able to buy different products directly from their newsfeed, sell different items by simply posting items on their profile, rate the sellers they bought from and help others to shop smartly and ask questions about products and discuss shipment details with sellers directly.

mePay is a payment service of, which will enable to issue payment cards and carry out daily payments in ME. The service is expected to launch in 2019.

It should be noted that the purchase of tickets, the cost of which was determined in Armenian drams, was carried out by exchanging for ME as a digital asset certifying the rights of its holders for platform services.

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