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On March 22, at 6:44 p.m. a 6,6 magnitude aftershock hit north-eastern Japan. The quake epicenter was 179 km south-east of Hachinohe city at the depth of 15,5 km, RIA Novosti reports referring to U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

As Armenian reported earlier, on March 11, the biggest earthquake (9 magnitude) in the recent years hit the northeast of Japan, triggering a 10-meter tsunami and followed by several powerful aftershocks. The epicenter is located 373 to north-east from Japan’s capital, Tokyo at the depth of 24 kilometers. A massive earthquake damaged cooling functions of the Fukushima nuclear plant, making the operator to pour seawater into reactors and let out radioactive air into atmosphere.  On March 19-21, traces of radiation were found in milk and spinach in farms near Ibaraki prefecture. 

As of March 22, the death toll in the March 11 devastating earthquake and tsunami reached 9,079. According to National Police Agency of Japan, over 12,465 people are listed missing.

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