October 23
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Armenia-Diaspora relations must not be hinged on merely the principle of fundraising, but on mutual respect because the Diaspora is more than a source of benevolence and has much greater potential for Armenia, and Armenia needs to help the Diaspora live longer. This is what Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan told Armenian

Sinanyan said the funds and foundations raising funds in the Diaspora are doing a very important job, but their work needs to be more coordinated.

When told that Nikol Pashinyan has declared that the key objective in the relations with the Diaspora must be repatriation and that, on one occasion, Sinanyan declared that it is rare to see all Armenians of Glendale return to Armenia, Sinanyan said the following: “Repatriation is simply a necessity and is mandatory, but great repatriation is a different story. I don’t think all Armenians need to return, but many do need to come, and for that, we need to create preconditions.”

In response to the claims that Sinanyan refused citizenship of the Republic of Armenia and acquired US citizenship, which entails certain questions, Sinanyan said the following: “I would like to let illiterate people know that I left the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic when I was 14, meaning I didn’t even have citizenship of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. Consequently, those who say these things are either illiterate or troublemakers.”

Sinanyan informed that his first visit will be with the Armenian community in Russia. “I will be focusing on the Armenian community of Russia first because it is the largest community and represents tremendous potential,” Sinanyan said.

When asked if the fact that he has lived in the United States for many years won’t hinder his activities with the Armenian community of Russia, Sinanyan said the following: “I was born in the former USSR and grew up in an environment in which Russian culture was not strange for me. I am fluent in Russian and understand Armenian culture. Yes, I have lived in the USA, but I don’t think this will hinder my activities with the Armenian community of Russia.”

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