August 21
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Issues on the assets of judges, as well as the several releases of information that many judges have accumulated great wealth during their terms of office — all this will be examined by the relevant authorities within the scope of the law and Constitution, and the public must receive complete answers to the questions about each and every judge. This is what Spokesperson of the Prime Minister of Armenia Vladimir Karapetyan told Armenian, talking about vetting following the report of the Venice Commission.

“We need to understand how this advisory document was released in the presses. We need to address questions to Armenia’s representatives to the Venice Commission and draw serious conclusions in order to understand how all this was published,” he stated.

When asked if the content of the Report wasn’t going to be known to the public, if it wasn’t released in the presses, the Spokesperson of the Prime Minister stated the following: “The Venice Commission communicates with states through statements and letters and notes. As you recall, the latest communication was the letter of President of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio, and what was published was an internal document, and we need to understand how it was disseminated.”

This morning, Legal Way NGO released on social media websites the document following the 119th plenary session of the Venice Commission with limited access.

Among other observations, the Venice Commission states that after discussions with the delegation from Europe, the Armenian authorities acknowledged the fact that it would be neither necessary nor useful to carry out a general vetting of all sitting judges.

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