October 20
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of top news as of 17.07.2019:

·       Armenian family - two adults and two children - have been killed as a result of a tragic accident in Russian resort town Gelendzhik on Tuesday.

According to preliminary police data, Ford Transit driver lost control while heading to Gelendzhik, drove off the road and crashed into a tree.

The family was from Armenia: a 28-year-old man, his 22-year-old spouse, and their daughters aged seven and five.

·       A fire broke out Monday on Armenia’s border with Nakhchivan, and as a result of the shots fired by the adversary.

According to Hovik Smbatyan, the mayor of Khachik border village of Armenia, the fire broke out on the Azerbaijani side and, most likely, as a result of the adversary’s firing shots during shooting exercises, or military drills.

Head of Armenian Yelpin village Khoren Avetisyan, in his turn, noted that the adversary has been shooting from Nakhchivan in the direction of the village of Yelpin in Vayots Dzor province since July 11.

He also added they had already briefed the Red Cross in this regard.

According to the spokesperson for the Armenian MOD, the adversary fired at Yelpin village, from Nakhchivan, last night and the bullet hit the roof of [the house of] one of the Yelpin residents.

·       The leaders’ forum of the House Democracy Partnership of the US House of Representatives kicked off Tuesday at the Library of Congress, in Washington, D.C.

The Armenian delegation led by Ararat Mirzoyan is also taking part in this forum along with the heads of parliaments from more than ten countries.

During the forum, Ararat Mirzoyan made a speech entitled on the role of Legislative Bodies and the importance of the independence of the legislative bodies to prevent tyranny's danger.

Ararat Mirzoyan also met on Tuesday with the U.S. Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Washington.

The sides discussed the opportunities of the increase of the financial support being provided to Armenia by the US States, the issues on the foreign policy of the country and the regional stability, energy security and several other spheres.

·       Climate change poses a threat to Lake Sevan, said Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan.

“Lake Sevan is the sector of the country most affected by climate change. The increase of temperature has created a situation where we might lose the lake,” Avinyan said.

According to him, the Armenian government is trying to raise the water level of the lake by nearly 6 meters, meaning we will need more water in the lake.

According to “EcoLur” Informational NGO President Inga Zarafyan, the entire Armenian Government should be responsible for the situation in Lake Sevan.

Tenants of beaches, located on the coastal areas of Lake Sevan, in their turn, blocked the Sevan-Yerevan highway, protesting against the information that it is dangerous to swim in the lake, as it resulted in a decrease in the number of visitors and tourists.

Armenian Environment Ministry earlier noted that it monitors the situation with Lake Sevan amid the increase in the number of bluish-green algae in the lake.

·       Armenia is included in the list of countries producing the most waste per capita.

According to a study conducted by Tempo, Armenia ranked sixth. For every citizen of Armenia accounted for 16.3 tons of garbage per year. According to the source, in 2014, Armenia produced almost 493,000 tons of municipal waste.

“It also ranks among the countries producing the least amount of agricultural and construction waste. However, what contributes to Armenia’s rank among the world's biggest producers of waste is the huge amount of industrial waste it produces. Of the nearly 48 million tons of total waste the country produces, 47.3 million is industrial,” the source noted.