March 29
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During a working visit to Lori Province, President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian paid a visit to Anhidzor village, the hometown of renowned prose writer Hrant Matevosyan, as reported the Staff of the President of Armenia.

Anhidzor was actually the title of the first work of Hrant Matevosyan, and the writer’s hometown lies at the core of the literary career of Matevosyan.

President Sarkissian was hosted in the house of Hrant Matevosyan where his brother, Hamo Matevosyan currently lives. President Sarkissian toured the house with the writer’s brother and his son, Davit Matevosyan and dined with the writer’s relatives. During the conversation, Armen Sarkissian and the Matevosyans shared interesting memories of the life of Hrant Matevosyan and touched upon his works. The President stated that it was a great honor for him to be in the house where the genius was born and where he created his literary works.

Davit Matevosyan, who is the director of the Hrant Matevosyan Foundation, presented the Foundation’s activities, attached great importance to reinterpretation of the writer’s literary heritage, noted that the year 2020 marks the 85th anniversary of Hrant Matevosyan and touched upon the problems of the Hrant Matevosyan Cultural Center-Museum based in Yerevan.

Hrant Matevosyan’s brother donated the two-volume book of the writer to President Armen Sarkissian in memory of the President’s visit, and President Sarkissian said this book of Matevosyan will have its worthy place in his library along with the other books of Matevosyan.

Afterwards, Armen Sarkissian visited Dsegh, the hometown of Poet of All Armenians Hovhannes Tumanyan. In Dsegh, he laid flowers near the bust of the great Armenian poet.

The President toured the House-Museum of Hovhannes Tumanyan, which is the home of the Poet of All Armenians and was turned into a museum in 1939. He was introduced to the samples presenting the life and career of the writer, including his books and personal items.

Armen Sarkissian said Armenians are known for their culture and Hovhannes Tumanyan’s literature made a great contribution to that.

During the visit to Dsegh, President Sarkissian talked to the villagers and visited the local St. Gregory the Illuminator Church (5th-7th centuries) where he prayed and lit a candle.

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