April 16
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Turkey views the South Caucasus as a zone of its interests and continues to be Russia’s opponent. This is what Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan.

According to him, Ankara clearly showed its interests in the 1990s. “Russia has been and still is a strategic opponent for Russia, and the rapprochement of Ankara and Moscow is more temporary,” the Oriental studies expert clarified.

The analyst also believes Turkey’s recent activity in Nakhchivan was not by chance and is aimed at the establishment of its third military station beyond its borders. He added that the relations between Ankara and Moscow will deteriorate sooner or later since each country pursues its interests. According to him, this will allow Turkey to establish its military station in Nakhchivan with more confidence, without the fear of Kremlin’s response.

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