July 12
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A compulsory fixed-term serviceman was found on with a lethal firearm injury that he had received in the forehead.

The criminal case has been instituted as a result of the incident.

  • EU Ambassador to Armenia Piotr Świtalski, who is completing his diplomatic mission in Armenia, gave a press conference on Monday.

He touched upon the topic of the Karabakh conflict settlement.

He said they—as the EU—believe that there is no military solution to this conflict, they greatly contribute to the OSCE Minsk Group’s actions toward resolving this conflict, and this is their position.

Switalski also highlighted the high level of EU-Armenia relations.

According to him, EU has excellent relations with Armenia at the moment, and all the factors that are usually taken into consideration to assess the level of relations suggest that this claim has a weight.

He also noted that the average amount of annual assistance to Armenia has totaled €35 million euros, whereas this year it will reach €70 million.

The ambassador said this refers to bilateral project assistance and a bilateral process, and added that he notes this because there is also multilateral assistance as well as some other options.

She added that Cyprus on Friday notified the aforementioned to the EU Council.

“The Council elected Ruben Vardazaryan chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council through a secret voting, as prescribed by law,” said the Council’s press release.

The flight was aborted after the smoke signal went off at the cockpit of this aircraft.

According to the Armenian embassy in Russia, two people were under the supervision of doctors.

“One of the citizens was diagnosed with aggravation of diabetes; the other person sustained bodily injuries,” the statement said.

Later it was found out that the smoke that spread on board the passenger plane was caused by the presence of hydraulic fluid and oil vapors in the air conditioning system of this aircraft.