September 29
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The Trump administration is expected to advance its billions of dollars-worth funding cancellation plan for foreign countries by the end of this week, CNN reported referring to a senior presidential administration official.

According to the channel, the source also noted that this step will further strengthen the struggle between the White House and Congress around such a rarely used and controversial step as the annulment.

Bipartisan lawmakers and foreign policy advocates have publicly opposed the abolition of foreign funding, expressing their disagreement with the State Department and the US Agency for International Development.

Opponents of this move warned that canceling aid to foreign countries would affect US foreign policy priorities.

At the same time, a number of representatives of the Congress from both the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as representatives of the US State Department lobbied for the cancellation of financial assistance planned by the White House abroad. It is noted that this amount is possibly up to 4 billion dollars.

The Trump administration is trying to get rid of what it considers waste and is committed to providing financial assistance, provided that it supports US policy.

White House representatives believe that they have sufficient authority to cancel financial aid without Congress approval.

A source told the channel that now the White House management and the budget office is finalizing the terms of the package on the abolition of financial assistance, but they expect this to be publicly announced early next week.

The source also said that the UN funding amount will also be included in the cancellation package, including funding for peacekeeping projects, as well as funding for Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and cultural programs.

However, the abolition of foreign financing does not imply the complete devastation of accounts. According to the channel, the projects of Ivanka Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as well as global health, will remain untouched.

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