November 28
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It is necessary to stop this hazardous process and make a state-oriented decision. This is the call that Davit Sanasaryan (his powers as head of the State Supervision Service are suspended) made on his Facebook page, calling on Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to prohibit operation of the Amulsar Gold Mine.

The call particularly reads as follows:

“Since I don’t know when I will meet Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in terms of timing, and the issue of Amulsar and the avengeful actions of the former criminal regimes are entering a new stage, I am addressing my public call to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia:

Dear Prime Minister, my revolutionary friend Nikol, there are conspiracies everywhere around us, and I am unlawfully isolated from government and can’t take part in bringing the former authorities to justice and in the major process of nation-building. Thus, I am making the following call and asking you the following:

The former authorities have already turned Armenia into a land of mines due to their criminal agreements, and the revolution implies a revolution in this area as well. Thus, we must not let another major area of the homeland become lost and hazardous based on the results of an expert examination conducted by a certain organization. We must not be afraid of the other party’s warnings about lawsuits and need to stop this hazardous process, make a state-oriented decision, pay heed to the people and get out of the trap of the authorities.

It is time for Serzh Sargsyan and his criminal regime to be brought to justice for all the crimes committed against the people and the country as soon as possible. After that, they will be suppressed and won’t think about how they should attack and regain power.

Proud citizen of the Republic of Armenia who respects you and is a faithful fighter for the development and empowerment of Armenia,

Davit Sanasaryan

I love you all”.

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