September 29
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If one of your workers makes a promise to a customer that he should not have made, and you realize you should not put a company at risk, you need a tool to capture all messages and e-mails of your firm. Here is Merge 1 - Globanet company’s archiving tool - which comes to help.

Merge 1 is an archiving and message capture tool the software development of which is being done in Armenia.  The tool is built to capture communication and information on various platforms that are used by many companies.  

“For instance, if two people are communicating over Slack within a company, the company usually wants to capture that information and to archive it so that it can do investigations in the future or to be in compliance with regulation,” Globanet President and CEO Sevag Ajemian tells Armenian “There are regulations that say that everyone's communication has to be saved for seven years. It is one thing to capture e-mails, and another thing is to capture communications on different platforms, as this is not in total control of the company. So, it must show to the regulators that it has all this information captured, it can research on it and flag the things that should not be said in these messages.”

Company and its customers worldwide

Traditionally company’s customers are large financial institutions worldwide. The biggest banks in the U.S., France, Japan, Australia use Globanet products so that to make their achieves more complete.

“We are working with customers who have 100 thousand employees and more. Their needs are unlike the needs of consumers working with an app. Our employees are exposed to what customers of that size demand and how to be in compliance with their requirements,” Ajemian adds.

When Globanet started working, the customers were more those who were under regulatory compliance, those who had to archive information.

“Now, because technology is very available, a lot of companies are using Merge 1 tool because they want to, not because they have to. For example, we have a real estate company employing 10 thousand people, they want to capture information because they want to do research on it,” CEO explains. 

Globanet history

Globanet started in 1996 in San Francisco servicing IT needs of large companies such as HBO, Barclays Bank, and it was primarily a service organization.

“Five years after it started, I realized there was a need for new products within an e-mail space where I specialized in. I met with few people who offered me the opportunity to outsource software development to Armenia. We started in 2005, and we slowly became developing product after product. We saw some high demand and customers wanting these products, and I figured to move the company more towards product development to become more than just a service company,” Ajemian adds.

Yerevan office

Globanet has been working in Armenia for 15 years but opened this Yerevan office two years ago, and there are 20 people working here. They do design, software development, QA, data communication and support.

 “We are very excited by the growth of our Yerevan office, and we need more people here. We have open positions, and we are always recruiting for more in the future. We need people from intern level up to senior developer. The team is growing and we will need new people. We need everyone willing to learn and to work hard.”

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