September 27
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest as of 21.08.2019:

·       The Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, on Wednesday has informed that the discussions on the Amulsar gold mine are continuing.

“A while ago, I held a consultation on the Amulsar matter; a representative of Lydian [the company which operates this mine] was also in attendance,” he wrote. “I was interested in the possible phases of the planned process—tangibly, the possible management methods of possible risks, and the levers that the [Armenian] government has. We continue working on this very important topic.”

Armenian Investigative Committee, in its turn, has presented its analyses of the conclusions of the Amulsar gold mine case final report.

The committee informed that with this publication, it presents its analyses and evaluation of the flaws that were detected in the conclusion of the complex examination that was sent to the committee on August 7, and within the criminal case which the Investigative Committee is investigating along the lines of some Ministry of Nature Protection officials’ willful concealing of information about pollution to the environment, and related to exploitation of the Amulsar gold mine.

·       The Russian and French presidents, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, during a meeting at Fort de Brégançon discussed regional conflicts, including the Karabakh conflict and according to the press secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, the talks were intense, constructive and confidential.

Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan has sued ex-member of the Council of Elders Sona Aghekyan, Judicial Department’s press service reported.

The lawsuit was submitted on August 15, and the case is under consideration by Judge Tatevik Stepanyan.

A member of the Alternative City Hall initiative, a former member of the Council of Elders, Sona Aghekyan has repeatedly criticized Hayk Marutyan.

·       Large-Scale embezzlement has been exposed in the procurement for the needs of the Ministry of Defense (MOD) of Armenia.

According to preliminary data, reaching a criminal agreement with a procurement company, several MOD officials had signed a procurement contract with this company at an overstated price, the National Security Service (NSS) reported.

Instead of the actual market price of the products to be procured, they had transferred AMD 21,700,000 (approx. the US $45,800) more to this company, and as a result, this large sum of money was misspent.

·       Supporters of the Armenian second president, Robert Kocharyan, held a protest rally in front of the French Embassy in Armenia on Wednesday, and then headed to the Italian Embassy.

They handed a letter to the Italian Embassy and noted that the letter indicates 29 points and facts that indicate violations committed during the ongoing persecution of Robert Kocharyan.

According to supporters, this is not a protest, they are just ‘trying to hand these letters to the ambassadors of the EU member states to understand their position and point of view.’