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Azerbaijan, not being a member of the CSTO, has a more significant presence in the organization than Armenia being a member state, MP Arman Babajanyan said on Tuesday during the Armenia parliament meeting.

Azerbaijani presence is provided by some members, the MP said referring to Belarus and Kazakhstan.

According to him, Russia remains Armenian main ally in CSTO.

The work should be done to make Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan an ally of Yerevan.

As for relations with Russia, Moscow is fulfilling its allied obligations with Armenia on the basis of the political and geopolitical conjuncture, he said adding that Armenia is ready for anything for Russia even at the expense of its state interests. 

“We give Russia everything, with receiving nothing in return. In such conditions, any activity related to the CSTO only aggravates our condition, since it serves the interests of Russia at the expense of the dignity and sovereignty of Armenia. Only a few days ago, during a meeting with ambassadors, the Armenian leadership spoke about new guidelines and the principle of foreign policy, including sovereignty. These were very beautiful speeches that have no connection with reality, with real foreign policy. We continue to remain in the CSTO and serve the interests of this structure only so that Russia does not suddenly punish us,” he added.

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