June 19
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Opposition MP Taron Simonyan from Bright Armenia party intrudes a bill to increase the number of permissible minor violations committed by prisoners during their serving of sentence from two to three cases.

According to the deputy, this will reduce the burden of employees of the relevant institutions, who are forced to take unjustifiably severe penalties against prisoners. Violations, as noted by the MP, are subsequently indicated in the personal file of the prisoner and may affect his continued stay in prison.

There is a scoring system in the penitentiary institutions of Armenia and due to some minor violation, if it is repeated more than two times, the prisoner may lose his points, which, in turn, may affect his transfer to another penitentiary institution with softer mode.

According to him, he talks slight violations of the regime of penitentiary institutions, such as being late for construction, late recovery, expressing dissatisfaction with a mild form, and so on.

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