May 21
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The world's most famous whistleblower Edward Snowden gave an interview to The Guardian and spoke about his life in Russia after he unveiled secret information that reveals the whole truth about the tracking programs of American and British intelligence agencies.

In an exclusive two-hour interview in Moscow, which precedes the publication of his memories, Permanent Record, Snowden stated that even his former critics now admit that his disclosures made it possible to live  “in a better, freer and safer world” because of his revelations.

Snowden for the first time elaborate in his book on all the premises that led him to the unveiling of the secret UK and American special services’ programs.

He described the 18 years since the September 11 New York attacks as “a litany of American destruction by way of American self-destruction, with the promulgation of secret policies, secret laws, secret courts and secret wars”.

According to Snowden, the main threat is still ahead and is associated with the development of artificial intelligence capabilities, such as the recognition of faces and patterns.

He revealed he secretly married his partner, Lindsay Mills, two years ago in a Russian courthouse.

Snowden said that he now feels calmer in Moscow and that he can safely attend exhibitions and ballet, meet friends in a cafe and ride the subway.

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