October 24
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The effect of Washington’s pressure on Tehran has peaked and is now declining, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Of course, this pressure had a negative impact on people's lives, but it has reached its peak and is now on the decline, Rouhani said on the official website of the Iranian president. 

He added that in recent months there has been an improvement in the country's economic indicators. 

According to him, this does not mean solving all the problems of the population, but the state and its representatives are able to direct the country towards normalizing the situation.

US allegations

The US accused Iran of involvement in attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia to increase pressure on Tehran, Rouhani said.

Instead of creating a constructive atmosphere, politicians in the US are trying to increase pressure on Iran through accusations and make groundless and meaningless statements to this end, the president noted.

He added that the Iranian people are a supporter of peace, diplomacy and dialogue. 

No country is ready to negotiate in conditions of maximum pressure, Rouhani said adding that if the Americans really have good intentions, then they must put an end to the oppression of Iran.

Iran's banking relations with other countries

Iran’s banking relations with other countries, including Russia, are developing despite being disconnected from the SWIFT payment system, Rouhani noted.

Fortunately, today Iran’s banking relations with some other countries are developing without using the SWIFT system, he said

According to him, there was a time, people in the West believed that banking relations are only SWIFT, but this is not so.

Rouhani added that at the moment, Tehran has built banking relations with Russia and plans to further develop such relations with the countries of Eurasia.

Iran also began to switch to trading in national currencies with Russia, Turkey and Iraq, which can solve many of our problems, he said.

On the night of September 14, Saudi Aramco enterprises in the east of the country were attacked by 10 unmanned aerial vehicles. The responsibility for this was claimed by the Yemen's Houthi rebels. In particular, the largest oil refinery complex in the world near the city of Abqaiq, where many Western experts live, as well as an oil refinery in the Khurais region, in which the kingdom's second-largest oil field is located, was attacked. After the attacks on them, a strong fire broke out. According to authorities, the fire was localized.

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