October 17
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The main issues discussed are the Constitutional Court in Armenia, the problem of operating the Amulsar mine, the trial of the second president, Robert Kocharyan, the resignation of the heads of the two law enforcement agencies, and the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the country, political analyst Armen Badalyan told reporters on Thursday.

The political expert, however, decided to touch on only one topic - the resignation of the NSS and police heads.

According to him, the press tried to combine the resignations of these leaders with each other. So, according to Badalyan, one cannot do this, as each case must be considered separately since the reasons can be different.

Commenting on the statement of the head of the National Security Service, Badalyan noted that this was most likely a political statement with rather deep and specific goals.

Badalyan drew particular attention to the fact that there were two events that day - the press conference of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Vanadzor and the resignation of the head of the National Security Service. Artur Vanetsyan’s resignation covered the topic of Pashinyan’s press conference, which, according to the political strategist, is a clear indication that the former head of the NSS decided to go into politics. 

According to Badalyan, Vanetsyan goes into politics, then he could become a real alternative to the current government, and for this very reason, the head of the Prime Minister’s press service reacted so harshly to Vanetsyan’s statements.

Vanetsyan, as Badalyan noted, like the prime minister, owns a number of resources - this is also an information resource, certain connections with the business community, administrative resource, and so on. At the same time, as the expert noted, Pashinyan had rather bad relations with Russia, and the US and the EU no longer support the current government.

He recalled that Pashinyan had previously stated that they had been discussing the issue of changing the head of the National Security Service for a long time, but they had not found a replacement for the whole period, which suggests that the issue of appointing an alternative candidate was either not discussed, or the authorities simply could not find a replacement for him, which is unacceptable.

“The appointment of the acting heads of power departments for a country like Armenia, which is actually at war, is somewhat frivolous,” the expert summed up.

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