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The families of servicemen killed while performing official duties today gathered in front of the government building. The widow of a deceased serviceman expressed her disappointment with the attitude of the head of the State Revenue Committee during a conversation with Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan.

“We told the head of the State Revenue Committee who we were and presented our problem, and when I asked him what his response is, he said he didn’t have a response and simply hugged me,” Lusine Avetisyan, the widow of a deceased freedom fighter, said.

According to her, her and the mothers and widows have a problem to discuss with the Prime Minister, but Davit Ananyan has to apologize. “He has to kneel and apologize to me.”

After the talk with Arman Tatoyan, one of the participants of the protest, President of the Mother of Soldier NGO Margarita Khachatryan sat in front of the door of the government building and declared a sit-in and hunger strike.

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