September 22
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The court decision proved that the so-called “Robert Kocharyan’s case” has completely moved from the legal sphere to the political one, the head of the office of the second president Viktor Soghomonyan, told Armenian News - on the decision of the court of general jurisdiction published today at the request of Robert Kocharyan’s lawyers.

Earlier, the Shengavit District seat of the capital city Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction on Friday denied the motion by the attorneys of Armenia’s second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan to commute their client’s pretrial measure by being released on bail.

“It is clear that the law against Robert Kocharyan does not work in Armenia. Courts, under unprecedented pressure from the authorities, make illegal decisions. We even deal with an unprecedented phenomenon - the court did not take into account the decision of the Constitutional Court. Accordingly, we can state that we are dealing with a new round of political persecution against Robert Kocharyan,” he said. “We can state that the struggle for his release becomes an important element of the political struggle and is not just a struggle for the freedom of an individual, although this is an outstanding statesman, it is about protecting Armenian statehood, protecting the rule of law in Armenia. That is the essence of the processes taking place today. This became clear after two decisions of the court of general jurisdiction - the previous and the present.

At the beginning of next week, we will announce the format in which we will continue the political struggle for the release of the second president of Armenia and for the restoration of law and order in the country. This will be carried out exclusively by political and legal methods. We will inform you of the details at the beginning of next week,” he added.

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