September 18
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The problem is that everyone has their own opinion on Amulsar issue, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during a press conference in Los Angeles.

“One part says that Amulsar is a mountain, and even if the world turns upside down, it should remain a mountain, another part says that no matter what happens, Amulsar should be exploited. I say differently: we must be honest with the Armenian and international community and seek the truth to the very end. Whether this is an environmental disaster or not, I must get an answer to this question de facto and de jure. Many will now answer: “What are you talking about? Is it not clear? ”No. It is incomprehensible, because many say that members of the government also came into my office, said that I would immediately close the Teghut mine, that it would collapse, that thousands would die ... but it turned out that they were telling a lie,” he noted

According to the Prime Minister, the Amulsar issue is very important from both an economic and environmental point of view.

“I did not set the task of opening or not opening the mine. I said that you need to look for the truth. I told the Lydian representatives that if it turns out that we can operate the mine according to the standards that they are talking about, I will support them, but if not, it is excluded that I support them,” he said.

He also said that he was concerned about orthodoxy in the Amulsar issue.

“I’m worried about orthodoxy in this matter when they say: that’s how it should be - that’s all. It is necessary to make a decision, being informed. I do not agree that the pressure was great, and we must make a decision under pressure. In any case, the government and I should not make a decision under any pressure,” the PM noted.

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