September 18
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Armenia’s former Ambassador to the Holy See Mikael Minasyan has posted on his Facebook page a comment on Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan’s statement according to which all clergymen who make an attempt to destroy the government will be brought down to their knees.

He particularly wrote the following:

“Why does he hate everything and everyone so much? He hates those whom people love, honor and respect, he hates successful people and those who are independent from him. He hates the heroes of the past and even those whom he has turned into heroes. He hates his past and the future of us Armenians, and it is clear that he is in the center of all that hatred. He hates himself. What happened to him during his childhood that made the promising young man turn into an “Apostle of Hatred”?

In his speech in the US yesterday, he threatened to “bring the Armenian Apostolic Church down to its knees”. The “Apostle of Hatred” admitted that which he had been writing about all along.

Persian, Byzantine and Arab conquerors have done everything possible to bring the Armenian Apostolic Church down to its knees and have failed, and so have the Seljuk Turks and Mongolians. All the conquerors have tried and failed and will always fail because we Armenians won’t let them. We will break the knees of those who try to “bring the Armenian Apostolic Church down its knees”.

He is the origin of our fears and hatred and the one who nourishes all this. He is ill, just like us. He is the hearth of a “cancer” that eats up all of our healthy cells for years, and now that hearth has grown so much that we either have to remove it to be cured or decay and be lost once and for all. The diagnosis is clear: The “cancer” needs to be removed.”

Mikael Minasyan has also posted Rafael’s painting “St. Michael Vanquishing Satan” exhibited at the Louvres.

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