September 27
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The lack of transparency in the work of the state leads to an increase in misinformation about vaccinations, the head of the United Health Coalition 'One Health' Grigor Grigoryan told reporters 

“We urge you not to refuse scheduled vaccinations, and not to succumb to misinformation. Refusal of vaccinations can have unpredictable consequences for society. According to experts, worldwide measles growth is 300%. Can you imagine if this disease begins to spread due to refusal of vaccinations?” Grigoryan wondered.

Touching on the case of the hospitalization of a 9-month-old child, Grigor Grigoryan explained that now the annual planned vaccinations are being carried out in the country, and they can have extraneous effects depending on the characteristics of the person, and the issue of reducing vaccinations in percentage terms should be decided by specialists.

“According to some reports, the boy’s serious condition is associated with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, however, the lack of information on the part of the responsible persons becomes the reason for speculation,” he added

The expert noted that now, due to the lack of complete information about vaccinations, there is a decrease in the proportion of vaccinees. 

“This topic should be covered by both responsible persons and the media. It is government bodies that should actively inform the population about the goals and positive consequences of vaccinations. As for information in the media, the reliability of their publications depends on how transparently and openly the government works. When the media representatives tried to find out information about the case of a 9-month-old boy, then, according to my information, the hospital said that until they received permission from the Ministry, they could not provide any information. As a result of this, the media gave what was at hand, ”said Grigoryan, adding that there was a case of pressure on the journalist who conducted the investigation on vaccination issues. “The issues we raised in other countries would resonate with the relevant structures, but there is no reaction in our country,” concluded Grigor Grigoryan.

As reported earlier, a 9-month-old boy was reportedly delivered to the Arabkir medical center in serious condition in Yerevan. After vaccination, the child had a high fever that lasted several days. On the fourth day he was taken to the medical center of Grigor Lusavorich in Yerevan. However, there were no positive dynamics. Parents had to transport the baby to the Arabkir medical center on their own, as the first hospital did not pay enough attention to the child.

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