February 25
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There are world class Armenian developers and world-class talents who manage to build really great technology, Reddit and Initialized Capital Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian said as he arrived in Armenia to participate in WCIT 2019.

“There are already Armenia-born Armenian founders and entrepreneurs who build a million dollar companies IT companies,” he said.

Speaking about WCIT 2019, Ohanian emphasized that any time you have a global spot around technology you have kind of excitement locally combined with broad interest externally and many people coming to this event.

“It is a great chance to flex all the things that Armenia has to offer,” he said.

Ohanian said he would be happy to do business in Armenia. “I want to show the world all amazing things that come out of this country,” he added.

Asked whether his Shakmat brandy was a successful project, Ohanian said they did a limited run.

“We sold out last Christmas, and we might do another one, very likely for the holidays. We want to give American folks a taste of Armenian culture,” Ohanian resumed.

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