April 13
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STEPANAKERT. – The implementation of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s plans to acquire “living spaces” in Nagorno-Karabakh will inevitably turn into physical consequences for the Karabakh people and the emergence of concentration camps. Davit Babayan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) and Head of the General Information Department of the Presidential Administration, told this to Armenian, as he commented on Aliyev’s most recent statement.

According to Babayan, this statement can be analyzed in two ways.

“This is, on the one hand, another ‘performance’ of the Azerbaijani political ‘melody’ which has become a ‘schlager’ [music] on the ‘occupation of Karabakh,’” he stressed. “This ‘melody’ has simply become a calling card of the Azerbaijani foreign and domestic policy.

“But if we look at the statements carefully, it’s not difficult to notice the subtext. Aliyev talks about [constructing] new cities and settlements; Hitler was saying the same thing. When Hitler was speaking about expanding the living space for the ‘Arians,’ he also had promised new cities; that is, the old ones had to be demolished and the new ones built. Here’s what awaits us [Artsakh Armenians], and one can’t forget about this. Here’s what we can expect if Azerbaijan can implement its xenophobic plans. Of course, we will do everything so that it won’t succeed. But these are their [the Azerbaijani authorities] dreams and daydreams.

“The Azerbaijani leadership doesn’t mumble about living in peace; it speaks about building their new ones on our ruined ones. This means that all Armenian monuments will be destroyed, the tombs will be annihilated, the traces of Armenians will be eradicated, as it was done in Baku and [some] other Azerbaijani cities. And in their place new palaces have been built—under the names of Ilham Aliyev, [his wife] Mehriban Aliyeva, their daughters, sons, sons-in-law, and [several] others.

“Ordinary Azerbaijanis don’t want war. But the thinking cross-section of the Azerbaijani people realizes where such Nazism can throw them. Hitler was also talking about good things for the Nazis. Despite the complete monstrosity of his plans, the population has at some point supported him. The promises of new cities turned into the construction of concentration camps. Armenians also will have such ‘houses’ if the Azerbaijani leadership succeeds in implementing its plans. Moreover, concentration camps, at best, if they don’t work out. It’s important to remember who and what we are dealing with, and to always work for the good of our own country.”

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