October 21
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The ADAS-HIL unmanned vehicle testing system, developed by Armenian specialists, will be presented at the NIDays exhibition on November 20-21 in Munich,YEA Engineering Technical Director Gurgen Mardoyan told Armenian News - noting that this will be the first step for exporting these systems to the international market.

According to him, the test installation ADAS-HIL was created by order of a Russian company by YEA Engineering specialists in conjunction with the National Political University of Armenia. ADAS-HIL allows unmanned vehicle manufacturers to test ADAS systems and their components in the laboratory. Mardoyan noted that the ADAS system is an important component of unmanned vehicles. It is this system that detects information from the outside world, based on what it makes decisions: to slow down, turn off, or gain the speed.

Diagnosing this system before it is installed in the car will save a lot of time. Errors and malfunctions recorded in virtual conditions in the system are resolved more quickly. Also, laboratory testing can significantly save finances. 

According to Mardoyan, laboratory testing is much cheaper.

At this stage, the competition in the market is small: there are only two companies that produce virtual testing systems. However, the system developed at YEA Engineering has advantages.

 “One German company has similar systems, but when we checked the parameters specifically for the radar simulation line, we made sure that our system has advantages. To test radars, it is important how close you can simulate an object. In our installations, this parameter is 3.5-4 meters, they have 7 meters,” he said.

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