May 28
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Almost always, the members of the Azerbaijani delegation make the same, unilateral, manipulative statement, trying to advance their point of view on the Karabakh settlement, MP from the My Step bloc Hayk Konjoryan said, presenting the work of the Armenian delegation to the PA OSCE.

Within the Autumn meeting, the Parliamentary Conference on Promoting Security in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: the Role of the OSCE and Partners and the Mediterranean Forum titled ‘North-South Cooperation Models and the Economic Interaction of the Mediterranean Region in a Globalized World’ were held.

In addition, as the deputy noted, the following issues were discussed at the Parliamentary Conferences.

Konjoryan also noted that during the meeting, the Azerbaijani delegation again tried to raise the issue of Karabakh settlement, presenting the problem within its vision, to which it received an adequate response from the Armenian side.

“The members of the Azerbaijani delegation always make the same: one-sided, manipulative statement, trying to advance their point of view on this issue. It was not a surprise for me that such speeches will be this time, and we, of course, are always ready to give a proper answer,” the MP noted.

According to him, the Deputy Chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Azay Guliyev, who is also a member of the Azerbaijani delegation, criticized Armenia during his speech, saying that the Karabakh conflict is a purely territorial dispute, adding that there is no Karabakh conflict in fact.

Guliyev’s speech, as noted by Konjoryan, was quite long and one-sided. Nevertheless, the Armenian delegation did not miss the opportunity to respond to the Azerbaijani delegate.

According to Konjoryan, he also made a rather long monologue, which lasted about 10 minutes instead of the three minutes established by the regulations.

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